Anonymous: Hello. I recently got a new tattoo >.< I just want to ask if u had any tips on taking care of it? Thanx! ^.^

Well in all honesty the artist was suppose to explain this..but…just make sure water and sunlight aren’t directly hitting it. Also don’t overly moisturize your tattoo; don’t apply anything scented; don’t scratch or peel it. If you follow these steps I’m sure your tattoo will be fine.

Anonymous: How many tattoos do you have? And did they hurt?

About 8? And the ones on my rib cage did a bit

gardenscene: hi so this is a random and maybe weird question, but would you be willing to design a tattoo for me? I absolutely love your traditional flower design!

Hahaha not at all. I would love to draw something out for you and thank you :). What did you have in mind?

Anonymous: How much for the paw print on the finger?

It’s $10 :) and that includes free touch ups.

I shall be adding more of my work. So stay tuned!

I will also post a few tattoo ideas I want to do, so if you’re interested let me know! :)